How To Cure Writer's Block : For Songwriters, Authors, Poets and More!

Writer’s block happens to everyone. It can be frustrating to feel uninspired and like your creativity is stuck in a rut. We have experienced this unfortunate state of mind from time to time, and have tried so many things to remedy the block. 

We have found doing activities that bring a sense of clarity, calm, but still utilize our creativity in a different way than songwriting, helps clear our writer’s block. Activities that have worked for us have been listening to instrumental music, reading poetry or a favorite novel, meditating, object writing, and painting. But there are so many other activities to try! 

Singer songwriter, Joni Mitchell, often uses painting as a way to clear her mind and spark creativity. So why not take a page out of her book and try and find a creative outlet to get out your frustrations during moments of writer’s block, and hopefully spark some songwriting inspiration. 

It is important to remember that the more frustrated you get during writer’s block, the more difficult it will be for you to get out of it. Writer’s block is remedied by waiting for inspiration. You have got to be proactive in finding it, even if that means creating the inspiration yourself. 

So next time you are feeling uninspired when you sit down to write a song, try and start your writing session by dedicating 10 to 15 minutes of time to try a remedy activity. You may find it helpful to do even when you aren’t struggling with writer’s block. 

We have created a simple infographic of the activities that have worked for us in banishing writer’s block. 

PS: Here are some applications and books that have helped us on our quest to cures writer’s block! (Not Sponsored )

-      Headspace Meditation App

-      Writing Better Lyricsby Pat Pattison (Object writing 101)

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Alexandra Mann